Daily Planner 2023 (My Grace is Sufficie


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Use the message of the 2023 My Grace is Sufficient for You Small Daily Planner to remind yourself that God’s power is made perfect in your weakness, then go ahead and plan a life knowing God’s grace is all you need.
Two generous bouquets with pink and orange flowers sandwich the sentiment. The texturized dark charcoal background makes the silver foiled sentiment pop.

My Grace is Sufficient for you.

The year is displayed in silver foil at the top right corner. The back cover is decorated with two mini flower bouquets that sandwich the Scripture reference displayed in silver foil.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Just the right size for a backpack pocket, coat pocket, or purse, this small planner can go anywhere with you! Great for taking down your to-do lists and events every day of the year. This planner runs from September 2022 to August 2024. The 80-page planner presents each month over two pages in a block-style format, so you have room to write tasks under each day. Pages at the end for holidays, notes, and addresses give you extra space to write down those important memos.

Rest in God’s gracious strength this year and record your days with 2023 My Grace is Sufficient for You Small Daily Planner. God’s grace will follow you wherever you go this year!