Crossing the Line of Faith


By: Smyth, PJ


ISBN: 9781916369108

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Crossing the line of faith is a huge decision. PJ takes the reader on a short journey of someone who approaches the line of faith, then crosses it, and then takes first steps in growing as a Christian. Whether you are considering Christianity, or a new believer, or a seasoned believer who wants to revisit your foundations, this book will help you. Written in a read-and-discuss format, it is ideal for using as friends or as a small group.

“This is an excellent resource for churches to give to those either considering becoming a follower of Jesus or to those who have recently done so!” – Donnie Griggs. Pastor of One Harbor Church, NC. Author of Small Town Jesus

“I know PJ has personally used this book to help scores of people explore faith in Jesus over the last decade – it is well field-tested!” – Dr. Mbonisi Malaba, Pastor of One Tribe, Nairobi Kenya

“Any church that PJ has led has been evangelistically front-footed and missionally agile, and this book has been at the heart of it all. His warm-but-concise approach is exactly what people need to consider the all-important decision of following Jesus. I commend it to you!” Alan Frow, Pastor of Southlands Church, CA. Author of Broken for Blessing.

PJ is a leader, author and speaker who has been helping people cross the line of faith for many years. He has started and led churches in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the USA, and leads the Advance Movement of churches. He lives in the greater Washington D.C. area with his wife Ashleigh, and three sons.