Creation Unraveled: The Gospel According to Genesis – Member Book [eBook]


By: Carter, Matt, Suh, Halim

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ISBN: 9781415874387

The Book of Genesis lays the foundation for Christianity and tells us the story of God’s creation and His early work in the world. Everything about this book of the Bible points readers forward to Jesus Christ and our salvation through Him. Genesis can be divided into four narrative categories: Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and Renewal. This arc of the Book of Genesis establishes God’s creation as good, humanity’s fall as the breach in communion with God, God’s redemption of a chosen people back to Himself, and His continual work of renewal in the lives of His people. Through the study of this book, we see that Jesus is at the center of the arc, and thus at the center of the Bible’s narrative. Through an exposition of each section of Genesis’ narrative, this study will expose the underlying gospel themes of the book and God’s relentless pursuit of His people.







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