Creation & Evolution (Creation Points)


By: Garner, Colin

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ISBN: 9781846250996

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This magazine-style booklet seeks to help awaken the church to accept the biblical account in Genesis, not out of sentiment, or by becoming unscientific, but because it is scientific and does explain the world as we see it in an entirely consistent way. It shows that only biblical creation makes any sense of Original Sin, Death, The Fall, and the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus. As you will find out, it profoundly affects the way we can reach out to people in our evangelism. Why is the creation/evolution issue so important? And hasn’t science disproved the biblical creation account anyway? The world’s evolutionary view permeates virtually all society and secular science, and many people, even Christians, hold an evolutionary view almost by default. They reject the biblical creation account in Genesis as fact. In this booklet Colin Garner demonstrates that, as well as being inconsistent with biblical truth, evolutionary theory has serious fundamental scientific weaknesses. He highlights the reasons why Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is of such foundational importance to life today, in the hope that it will encourage us all to base our beliefs, our evangelism and our hopes on the whole Bible, including its vital foundational teaching on creation.

About the Author:

Colin Garner PhD is professor of applied thermodynamics at a leading UK university. He conducts research for the UK Government and several major international engine, vehicle and fuel companies. His research has been featured in New Scientist and he has presented his work on national BBC TV and radio. He lectures on creation/evolution at the East Midlands School of Christian Ministry. Colin is married to Sue and they have 3 children.





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