Courting disaster [eBook]


By: Richardson, Neil

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ISBN: 9781846255298

Should Christians and non-Christians date each other?

There is one purpose in life: ‘to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever’. This book aims to encourage us to please God by submitting our wills to his in our romantic relationships. Neil Richardson explains that the teaching of the Bible is that Christians should not go out with non-Christians, and he thoroughly explores the various issues involved. He looks at points such as:
• Why it is wrong to go out with a non-Christian;
• Some of our motives for wanting these relationships;
• What the eternal consequences are if we disobey the Bible’s teaching;
• Our objections to obeying this teaching.
In addition, he offers some helpful advice to parents of children who might be involved in relationships with unbelievers, and deals with some ethnic issues which might arise.
Neil Richardson was born in Turkey to ‘tentmaker’ missionary parents. He was raised in west London and came to repentance and faith at the age of thirteen. He read English at University College, London, (where he led the Christian Union) and took his Post Graduate Certificate of Education at King’s, London. After teaching for five years and then studying at Cornhill Training Course, he is now assistant pastor at Derby Road Baptist Church, Watford, England. His interests include open air evangelism, old people, kids, good books, music, clean comedy, games and running as far as he can.
This little book hits the nail on the head! If we are going to call ourselves Christians, then we should submit to the authority of God’s holy Word, the Bible… As Neil Richardson has elegantly and biblically defended, the Bible, not our emotions and feelings, must be our guide in these most important areas of life. I recommend this book for singles and parents alike!’
—Dr Jobe Martin, DMD, Th.M, founder of Biblical Discipleship Ministries, author of The Evolution of a Creationist and What God says about relationships, marriage and family

‘This book is a thoughtful, practical and—above all—passionate plea for wholehearted discipleship in an area of great relevance for all Christian young people and youth group leaders.’
—Christopher Ash, Director of the Cornhill Training Course and author of Marriage: Sex in the service of God






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