Convinced by Scripture [eBook]


By: Johnston, Andy



ISBN: 9781911272496

If we call ourselves Bible believing Christians today then we owe so much to the reformers of the 16th Century. But how much do we really know about the man who started the reformation?In this new biography of Martin Luther, written especially for the anniversary of the Reformation, Andy Johnston paints a picture of a young and pious Luther growing up in a dark and spiritually desolate Europe. He describes the chain of events that led up to Luther’s dramatic decision to challenge the authority of the Pope and helps us to see how God used this very ordinary man to change the course of history.Today Europe is a similarly spiritually dark place, and the centrality of the Bible is challenged from inside the church as well as outside. There is no better time to learn from Luther’s passion and commitment to truth. This biography is a great introduction to Luther’s life that will challenge and inspire us to uphold biblical truth today.’Of all the colourful characters in the Church’s history, Martin Luther is probably the most dramatic: fiery, controversial, hilarious and outrageous. Andy Johnston’s clear, warm and humorous pocket guide will show you the man as well as the theology.’ Andrew Wilson, pastor and author‘This book will stir your interest in one of history’s great characters but, more than this, it will stir your faith and your gratitude for the good news he proclaimed.’ Glen Scrivener, minister, evangelist and director of Speak Life’This is a gem of a book by a first class Reformation scholar. If you want a concise and compelling treatment of Luther’s life and legacy this is the best!  We desperately need in the Church today to rediscover Luther’s joy and confidence in the Gospel of the Grace of God and the authority of ‘God’s Word written’. This little book will  be a big help in that critical need.’ Bishop Wallace Benn’I really like this brief, colourful and compelling introduction to one of God’s world changers. It’s written with the enthusiasm and insight I’d expect from Andy. I recommend it, whether you’re new to Luther or more familiar.’ Joel Virgo, Senior Pastor, Church of Christ the King