Connect The Dots – Member Book [eBook]


By: Hurt, Mike

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ISBN: 9781415876633

Connect The Dots: Discovering God’s Ongoing Will In Your Life – Member Book is a 6-session young adult Bible study. We treat God like a cosmic slot machine or a Magic 8-ball. We want to drop in a coin or shake things around until we get the answers we want for our life questions. Although questions about the “Big Three”—marriage, career, and residency—are important, maybe discovering God’s will for your life is more about answering His questions than Him answering yours.

Formulas and equations aside, this Bible study is a guide for journeying through what it means to find God’s will in the way He intended. By seeking answers to questions such as “What am I looking for anyway” and “What about when there’s nothing to hear,” the end result is a deeper relationship with your Creator—the One who cares about the Big Three and every other moment of your life.






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