Comfort and Joy


By: Searles, Matthew



ISBN: 9781914966712

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Advent Devotions From Isaiah 40-55

Under dark skies in Jerusalem, an old man called Simeon is waiting.  He lives in a land of shadow, but he longs for Isaiah’s age-old prophecies to be fulfilled: promises of hope, of salvation, of a suffering servant, and ultimately of God himself come to dwell with his people.  Then, one day, he holds a baby in his arms, and knows he may depart in peace.  In Jesus, all these promises are being fulfilled.

These 25 short devotions will take you through Isaiah 40-55, with a reading, a short reflection, questions for meditation, and suggestions for prayer.  Join with Simeon this advent in meditating on Isaiah’s ‘book of comfort’, and have your hearts lifted as you behold our king in his beauty.