Classic Teachings on Nature of God [HC]


By: Sproul, R.C.


ISBN: 9781598564686

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R. C. Sproul has committed his life to clearly communicating deep, practical truths from God’s Word to students and laypeople. His lucid teaching style brings clarity to the most difficult–and often contentious–biblical and theological questions. Gathered here in one volume are three of his best-selling books–over $40 worth of reading at a great low price.

From Rudolf Otto’s” mysterium tremendum” to Martin Luther’s “insanity”and Jonathan Edwards’s fiery sermons, Sproul’s classic “The Holiness of God”illuminates history and Scripture to help readers understand–and live with–the tension that exists between God’s terrifying holiness and his inexplicable grace.

In “Chosen by God,” Sproul tackles the divisive subject of predestination, and discusses God’s sovereignty and the problem of evil, human freedom, and the task of evangelism. He explains that there is a mystery in God’s ways but not contradiction; and paints a picture of a loving–not spiteful or whimsical–God who provides redemption for radically corrupt people.”Pleasing God” explores the topic of sanctification–how we satisfy God by pursuing righteousness. Sproul examines the constant battle Christians wage against sin–pride, slothfulness, dishonesty. He reveals how many Christians have tragically abandoned the struggle, but that God delights in those who press on.

Although Sproul brings a Reformed background and approach to topics, his work is not just for Calvinists but for all Christians who want to understand and build on the foundations of their faith.