Churches in trouble (Trials & Difficulties) [eBook]


By: Brown, Paul E ed



ISBN: 9781846254901

Developing good relationships in your church

This book is an attempt to explore, from a biblical perspective, leadership and relationships within the local church. In particular, Paul Brown looks at personal relationships within churches, and the interrelationships of members and leaders. Close relationships that have a potential for good also have a potential for harm. It is written out of deep concern to promote the welfare and harmony of churches so that they might glorify God and be faithful, shining lights in the world. While written from within the context of independent churches and concentrating upon the local church, it will prove useful to all varieties of evangelical churches.
Paul Brown is the former pastor of Dunstable Baptist Church. After studying at London Bible College, he became an assistant pastor and has been in the pastoral ministry for 38 years. He has engaged in further studies with the Evangelical Theological College of Wales, and serves on the Theological Committee of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. He is married with three children and five grandchildren.
‘There is no doubt that [this book] will prove most useful in these confused and troubled times.’
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