Christ Among the Dragons [HC]


By: White, James Emery

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ISBN: 9780830833122

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Finding Our Way Through Cultural Challenges

Medieval mapmakers wrote on the edges of their maps at the edges of the known world, “Here Be Dragons.”  Without a way to navigate, these areas were, at best, promising yet unexplored, and at worst, perilous.  Evangelical Christians have an equally unsettling map and a lack of unity in regard to how we will find our way through uncharted territory as we stray from core ideas and differ on key issues.  How did we get here?  How will we find our way back?  In this book James Emery White takes us on a journey beyond the dragon territory to discover the new world Christ is mapping for us.

“White writes with genuine conviction as he leads the reader to a hunger for a deeper engagement in Christ thought as demonstrated within the members of his own church.  I appreciate his articulate, intellectual approach in writing.  He understands today’s culture and man’s inner needs, truth, and orthodoxy.  He boldly takes a stand on the importance of uniting in an intentional global effort of reaching out with love and grace in a renewed effort of taking the message and mission of the gospel to a new generation.”  ~ Richard R. Blake (The Midwest Book Review)

“James Emery White’s Christ Among the Dragons is exactly what the church needs at a time when so many evangelical Christians are ready to throw tradition and principle out the window for the sake of relevance.  With his firm grounding in Scripture, White gives us a compelling and comprehensive vision for how the church can openly reclaim and proclaim the faith given once for all.  This book is a good read for any Christian who is serious about capturing this generation for Christ.”  ~ Chuck Colson (Founder, Prison Fellowship and Colson Center for Christian Worldview)