Christ Alone (5 Solas)


By: Wellum, Stephen


ISBN: 9780310515746

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At the heart of the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation were five rallying cries—sola scriptura, solus Christus, sola gratia, sola fide, and soli Deo gloria. These five declarations not only distinguished the movement from other expressions of Christian faith at the time, but have continued to speak throughout history, addressing a wide range of contemporary issues.

In this volume from the Five Solas series, Christ Alone, author and professor Stephen Wellum considers Christ’s singular uniqueness and significance biblically, historically, and today, in our pluralistic and postmodern age. He examines the historical roots of the doctrine, especially in the Reformation era, and then shows how the uniqueness of Christ has come under specific attack today. Wellum guides readers through the storyline of Scripture, from Christ’s unique identity and work as prophet, priest, and king, to the application of his work to believers and our covenantal union with him to show that apart from Christ there is no salvation. He argues that if today’s church is to proclaim the same Christ as the Reformers, we must understand and embrace solus Christus with the same clarity, conviction, urgency, and abundance of joy.