Chat around the Bible (DVD)


By: Jensen & Richards

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ISBN: 9781922206008

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The Chat Room is a popular online TV program featuring Phillip Jensen, the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew’s Cathedral, and well-known author and broadcaster Kel Richards. Each week, Phillip and Kel chat about the Bible’s teaching on everything from repentance to racism, from prayer to politics.

In this special Chat Room Collection, each ‘chat’ has been divided into sections for you to watch and then discuss with the help of Bible passages, questions, and group activities. (These can be printed off from PDFs found on the DVD.) Each study begins with an opening question to get you thinking and talking about the topic. Following that, you’ll find a mix of video material and questions. Some questions help you summarize what Kel and Phillip say in the Chat Room; others direct you to relevant Bible verses so you can read God’s word for yourselves; others help you tease out the implications of God’s word.

You should be able to complete each study in around 60 minutes, but if you’re running short of time then you can skip some or all of the ‘Chat further’ questions. These questions are designed to help you think further on the topic (especially about the implications arising from God’s word to us), but they’re separated out so you can skip them if you need to without losing the flow of the logic in the study.

You can work your way through all 6 of the studies over consecutive weeks, but each topic works just as well as a stand-alone study. This may be useful when you want to do something different for a week or two in your Bible study group.

Topics covered: prayer, evangelism; Christian growth; materialism; applying the Bible; spiritual things.





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