Chase The Goose – Member Book [eBook]


By: Mark Batterson

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ISBN: 9781415874394

Chase the Goose: Reclaiming the Adventure of Living a Spirit-Led Life – Member Book is ideal for a young adult small-group Bible study and is a Scriptural challenge to leave behind common misconceptions about the life God wants for His followers, so that we can learn about His true nature and pursue the passions He has placed in each of our hearts.

What if God wants something more than a safe and predictable life for those who love Him? In his second Bible study from Threads, author Mark Batterson explores the idea of reclaiming the adventurous spiritual life God intended for His followers. Maybe life with Christ should be a little more like a wild goose chase . . . mysterious, unpredictable, and even dangerous.

Through this study, young adults can take hold of the passions God has put in all of our hearts, while learning about the very nature of God Himself in the process. True Goose-chasers will study the lives of Nehemiah, Moses, Abraham, Peter, Paul, and Jonathan as they learn to leave behind the cages of responsibility, routine, guilt, failure, assumptions, and fear that have held us back in the past. Chase the Goose is an opportunity to join the journey of never knowing where you’ll end up, who you’ll meet, or what you can do as you follow the Holy Spirit into the spiritual adventure God has planned for all Christ-followers. (6 sessions)


  • Member Book keeps users in God’s Word and offers challenging study questions
  • Leader helps included
  • Young Adults will be empowered to chase their passions and break free from common barriers to their spiritual lives as they learn more about the true nature of God
  • Sessions can be used easily by small groups or individuals in just about any setting
  • E-mailable music, articles, and audio clips allow the leader to be in touch with group members throughout the week





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