Characters Around the Church


By: Houston, Tom



ISBN: 9781857928037

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The third in a series of Characters in the New Testament, this book looks at the birth of the first New Testament Church from the perspective of those who were there at the start – either helping or hindering the cause of the gospel. The Twelve disciples (inc Thaddeus), Gamaliel, Saul, Herod Agrippa, Mary and Rhoda, Ananias and Sapphira are a few of the characters we meet.

Tom Houston does extensive historical and biblical research for each of the chapters and you are guaranteed to learn something new about the beginnings of the gospel from this book.

“The book is written with crystal-clear simplicity and is a delight to read. Not one chapter outstays its welcome.”  (Derek J Tidball)

“Throughout the book, Houston points us to Jesus, suggesting the difference obedience to His Word would make — in all areas of life.”  (Dr Eugene Habecker)

“Here is a book for every Christian. It will drive you back to the Acts of the Apostles with a new eagerness to study it, and back to your own church fellowship with a new burden to serve and grow―since the characters around your church may be strikingly similar to the Characters Around the Church!”  (Sinclair B Ferguson)

“We meet well-known and not so well known people and the author’s characteristic inquisitiveness often makes the reader stop and think about previously held views of members of the early Church. I was intrigued with Gamaliel, Philip, Aeneas and Dorcas and the encounter with Simon Magus. The book of Acts has ‘come alive’ again with Tom Houston’s book.”  (Direction Magazine)

“… A readable, sensitive and thought-provoking book.”  (Evangelicals Now)

About the Author

Tom Houston is a retired Scot and lives with his wife Hazle in Oxford, England. He served as a pastor for 20 years in Scotland and Kenya and then went on to serve in leadership positions with the British and Foreign Bible Society, World Vision and the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation until his retirement in 1994.




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