The Case of the Hopeless Marriage

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By: Adams, Jay

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ISBN: 9781889032528

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You’ve heard about Nouthetic Counseling, and wondered what it’s like. People have told you all sorts of things–were they correct? Now you have the opportunity to judge for yourself. What you couldn’t do before, you now can do–peek behind the closed door to see how a typical counseling case–from beginning to end–is conducted.




1 review for The Case of the Hopeless Marriage

  1. Paul

    If you’ve ever wondered what a Biblical (Nouthetic) counseling session would look like Image resultyou need to get this book and take a peek. This is a fictional account of 10 counseling sessions run by a nouthetically trained counselor, Pastor Greg and his two counselees, a married couple Bert and Sue.

    Adams’ should write more of these. The topics that come up are different in each counseling experience and there could easily be a series of books like these, using different counseling scenarios.

    This is a great book. The counselor is in good control of the sessions, clear in his teaching and direct with those he’s counseling. He stops the conversation at many points to address unbiblical ways of thinking and talking instead of letting the counselees emotionally ‘vent’ and letting their sinful thinking and actions go unchallenged. He not only corrects them but also lays out the biblical paradigm so know which way to go.

    Along the road of this particular series of meetings with Bert and Sue, several issues come up such as the idea of self-esteem, wrong views from other Christian counselors on marriage and divorce, how one receives guidance from the Lord, charismatic theology and more. The counselor takes the time to teach on these subjects and help the counselees change their thinking and approach to these matters that have contributed to the issues that brought them to counseling in the first place. All through the book, Adams pauses to discuss and evaluate how things are going. He asks multiple questions to get you thinking through the positive and negative sides of each session. He also makes reference to many of his other books that tackle the topics that come up in this one. This way you can dig deeper if your curiosity is piqued.

    This book reads like a novel. I could not put it down. I was challenged in my own Christian walk on how I think unbiblically and therefore behave erroneously many times. I was confronted with my wrong ways of handling conflict and failure in my own marriage and challenged to think more biblically about my issues. Do you feel like your marriage is hopeless? Spoiler alert: It absolutely is not. This book will give you hope. No matter how balled up your relationship is, you can untie each knot through obedience to the Scriptures. I was helped tremendously and I highly recommend it!

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