The Case for Amillennialism


By: Riddlebarger, Kim


ISBN: 9780801015502

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Postions on the millennium, the nature and time of Christ’s one-thousand year reign, are as numerous as they are difficult to pronounce and understand. When you add in the myriad ways the doctrine is abused, it is perfectly understandable that Christians abandon or avoid studying it altogether.

Nonetheless, good, solid, and exegetically based resources exist for serious inquirers. One of the best available today and recently expanded is Kim Riddlebarger’s A Case for Amillenialism provides definitions of key terms and a helpful overview–but not technical–of various viewpoints. He examines related biblical topics as a backdrop to understanding the subject and discusses important passages of Scripture that bear upon the millennial question.

Regardless of their own stance, readers will be challenged but not overwhelmed by Riddlebarger’s study and its evaluation of the main problems facing each of the major millennial positions. Moreover, Riddlebarger’s insightful detailing of the implications and thus the consequences of each and cautions readers to be aware of the spiraling consequences of each view.