Caring for Families Caught in Domestic A


By: Moles, Chris

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ISBN: 9781645072584

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A Guide toward Protection, Refuge, and Hope

Caring for Families Caught in Domestic Abuse is a comprehensive, Christ-centered response to the spiritual, emotional, and physical harm that domestic abuse causes to the abused spouse, the abusive spouse, and their children.

Written by an experienced team of biblical counselors, Caring for Families Caught in Domestic Abuse editor Chris Moles and contributors Darby Strickland, Joy Forrest, Greg Wilson, Kirsten Christianson, and Beth Broom are all leaders in biblical domestic abuse ministry in the local church.  Each chapter of the book provides a detailed overview of how to minister biblically and faithfully to both the abusers and the abused.

Topics addressed include the biblical and theological foundations for counseling each family member impacted by domestic abuse, direction on how to counsel the victims (spouse and children) and the abuser, and how to offer practical, actionable help to protect families from harm.

  • A field manual for pastors and counselors in domestic violence prevention, intervention, and education.
  • Common tactics of domestic abuse and a biblical response are
  • Key resource for the conservative evangelical church to understand and respond to this widespread problem.