Caravans and Castles (Syding Adventures)


By: Millard, Mary

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ISBN: 9781846253645

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Two boys, Tyler and Theo become friends as a result of being bullied in school. They become known as the two ‘Ts’ and embark on several adventures, even being kidnapped by rustlers! Their adventures bring them to a realisation that there is a God who loves them





  1. Sunday Snippet: A Syding Adventure of Caravans and Casltes and a GiveAway… – se7en

    […] The Syding Adventures Caravans and Castles but Mary Weeks Millard This is an easy to read chapter book about two boys, who happen to be best friends. One of them is from a Romany family, who have settled down, and the other has a single mum and has moved from a private school to a public school and lives in a castle, which is actually a bed and breakfast. They both receive their share of playground bullying, and this cements their friendship. This is a christian book, but isn’t airy fairy or packed with blessed little thoughts… it is about eleven year old boys and what they get up to, there daily chores, schoolwork and of course riding bikes and the great outdoors. A number of car thefts in the neighbourhood and the Romany family become easy targets to blame and to get harassed by the police. Can the boys intentionally or unintentionally find the culprits? And there is the disturbing tramp in the woods, with the large Alsatian dog, who is he really? This is a quick read, short easy chapters and I can’t believe how many little mysteries are revealed and resolved, how many issues are raised and tackled. Normal lives of regular boys in a small English village… I would say the main characters are the target market, eleven-ish aged boys and girls, would really enjoy this book. […]

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