The Callings


By: Helm, Paul



ISBN: 0851515126

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The Christian life begins when we hear and respond to the ‘call’ of Jesus Christ. Like the first disciples, we must ‘leave everything’ in order to follow him.

But does this mean we must enter what is often called ‘full-time Christian service’?  How can we devote ourselves to witnessing to Jesus Christ if we spend so much time and energy doing an ‘ordinary’ job?

Paul Helm believes that many Christians’ lives have been harmed by thinking that the only worthwhile way to live is in some kind of ‘Christian’ career.  In fact, God ‘calls’ the vast majority of Christians to serve Him where they are: on the factory floor, in the office, behind the counter, or at the check-out desk.

The Callings shows that instead of dividing life into ‘spiritual’ and ‘secular’ compartments, every moment of it can be lived fully to the glory of God.