Calling Evil Good


By: Smith, Spencer


ISBN: 9781977003461

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Contemporary Christian music-it is the innovation of the hour in our age of church history. It has taken the Bible believing church by storm. When a fundamental church institutes CCM as it’s musical style, it always moves into the new evangelical hemisphere. Where CCM comes, new evangelicalism follows, as certainly as the tail follows the dog. Reverent worship disappears, sound doctrine declines, and the holy living is despised. Why does this happen? This wonderfully written book will give you the answer. Missionary Spencer Smith confronts the issues with a loving approach that instructs the reader on public and private Biblical standards concerning music. In his research, he even met many CCM “artists” that reinforce the case being presented and many of those stories are laid out for you. Although our world may be changing and many church services have become similar to that of a circus, God has not left us without a musical blueprint to practice. Although some may attempt to muddy the waters, this book washes away all the filth, so that we might see Jesus. This excellent volume should be read, reread, and applied. Brian R. Jackson, Senior Pastor, Broadway Baptist Church