By God’s Word (Vol 1) [HC]


By: Jensen, Phillip


ISBN: 9781921068911

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The Scriptures are the glasses by which we bring the world into focus. When we look through the glasses of Scripture, we see God and his world and his people and ourselves more clearly. There are some things, especially about God, that we would never see at all without the Scriptures. There are many things about the world, others and ourselves that we would see in a completely distorted fashion without the glasses. The word of God changes our perspective. Each week for the last few years, internationally renowned preacher and evangelist, Phillip Jensen, has written a short essay for the congregations he serves at St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral in Sydney, about living in God’s world, from the perspective of God’s word. BY GOD’S WORD is a collection of 60 of the best of these essays or reflections, which offer warm encouragement to live by God’s word in every aspect of our lives: from prayer to politics, from forgiveness to fatherhood, and from drought to democracy. Each reflection is also followed by a Bible passage for further thought and reflection.





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