Building Below the Waterline [HC]


By: MacDonald, Gordon



ISBN: 9781598566697

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Shoring Up the Foundations of Leadership

Christian professionals and church leaders alike will find benefit in Gordon MacDonald’s Building Below the Waterline.  In this collection of writings from the pages of Leadership Journal, he imparts wisdom to Christian leaders in all areas of ministry and encourages them to grow – from the ground up – a strong, spiritual foundation.  Anchored in Biblical truth, spiritual guidance, and life experience, his collection of essays covers a wide range of matters.

Articles from “Leadership Journal” included in this collection:

  • Building Below the Water Line
  • Finding Your Center
  • Cultivating the Soul
  • What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
  • Searching Your Motivations
  • Extreme Faith
  • The Root of Leadership
  • The 3:00 Phone Call
  • Saying the Hard Stuff
  • When Things Get Ugly
  • The Cleansing Power of Public Prayer – Monday Morning Restoration
  • The Private Times of a Public Minister
  • Knee Driven Ministry
  • Did Not Finish
  • How A Mighty Church Falls
  • The Right Way to Handle Church Conflict
  • Sometimes You Just Need to Disappear
  • Pastor’s Progress
  • Ten Conditions for Church Growth
  • When It’s Time to Leave




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