Breaking Free (DVD) (Updated)


By: Moore, Beth


ISBN: L634337019352

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Beth considers Breaking Free her life message. This in-depth Bible study leads you through Isaiah 61:1-4 to discover the transforming power of Christian freedom by drawing parallels between the captive Israelites and the spiritual strongholds in our lives. First released in 1999, this updated edition includes 11 new video teaching messages, along with updated Bible study content and testimonies from women like you who have found freedom from their personal captivity. No matter what life stage you’re in or struggles you’re going through, if where you are isn’t where you want to be, don’t stay there. Break free.

DVD Set Includes:

  1. DVDs with 11 teaching videos, approximately 60 minutes per session


  • Discover the transforming power of freedom in Christ.
  • Identify strongholds that keep you from knowing God.
  • Be inspired to break the bonds of personal captivity with testimonies from women just like you.




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