Bonding with Your Teen through Boundaries (Revised Edition) [eBook]


By: Hunt, June

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ISBN: 9781433516283

We provide our children with boundaries because we want to keep them safe and we want to teach them to make good decisions. While the boundaries themselves may change as our children grow older, the need for them does not. Parents need advice to navigate complex and difficult scenarios that may arise with their teen.

June Hunt and Jody Capehart provide such advice in Bonding with Your Teen through Boundaries. Drawing on biblical principles, they show parents how to provide appropriate boundaries in four critical areas of a teen’s life: at home, at school, and in their personal and social lives. Each chapter opens with a real-life scenario followed by concrete advice on what to say and what disciplinary action, if any, to take with your teen. Practical and realistic in its tone, the book continually shows how discipline and boundaries are helpful catalysts for healthy bonding.

This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Bonding with Your Teen includes new material that addresses the ever-increasing impact of technology on teenagers. 

JUNE HUNT is founder of Hope for the Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry, and hosts the award-winning radio program by the same name. Her numerous books include Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes and Healing the Hurting Heart.

JODY CAPEHART is director of the biblical counseling training program at Hope for the Heart and has been an educator for nearly forty years. She has written many books on teaching, parenting, and family life.

“It’s so hard to balance love and discipline, when our kids are making poor choices. But Bonding with Your Teen through Boundaries makes it a lot easier. With a ‘how-to’ practicality, June Hunt helps parents tackle the hardest problems their kids face on the road to adulthood.”
Josh McDowell, author and speaker

“We are grateful for the practical teaching of June Hunt. Her decades-long ministry and personal experiences make her a very qualified guide for parents of teenagers. Any who desire to keep connected to their teens as well as help them navigate their bumpy road will be grateful for June Hunt.”
Steve Douglass, President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

“Teenagers don’t always make wise choices. However, as Bonding with Your Teen through Boundaries points out, wrong behavior offers their parents many opportunities to provide loving correction and guidance. Thanks to June and Jody for this practical guide book—filled with timeless principles from God’s Word—to help navigate many of the greatest challenges parents face.”
Brian S. Simmons, President, Association of Christian Schools International

“As someone who has worked with teenagers for over forty years, June sets a tone in teenage discipline that I had to learn through experience. She shows us the proper balance between our God-given mandate to train our children as they grow into self-managed adults and the loving relationship we want with them. Abounding with truth, wisdom, and practicality, this is important reading for parents and anyone else who works with teenagers.”
Jason Stevenson, Pastor of Student Ministries, Stonebriar Community Church

“June Hunt is well qualified to address the issue of bonding with your teen through boundaries. On her radio show, Hope for the Heart, she has encouraged literally thousands of parents to become the kind of parents God wants them to be. I highly recommend this well-thought-out book to be read by every parent.”
Dawson McAllister, author, speaker, host of “Dawson McAllister Live”

“If teens are a part of your life, you now hold in your hands the real answers to the real challenges you will face. Each practical chapter spells out ‘what you can do’ and ‘what you can say’—not to win a battle, but to win a relationship of mutual respect. A must read for anyone who deals with teens—whether yours, or someone else’s.”
Marlene Wright, Probation Officer, Johnson County, Texas

“What a great resource of experience and wisdom for parents and ministry leaders! This book tackles a myriad of issues affecting teenagers today with positive ideas for handling many sticky situations with relevant, godly guidance from the Bible.”
Christi Lynn, Custom Made Girls’ Ministry Leader, Vista Grand BaptistChurch, Colorado Springs, Colorado






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