Bible Delight (Psalm 119)


By: Ash, Christopher


ISBN: 9781845503604

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Christopher Ash’s book, Bible Delight: heartbeat of the Word of God is an excellent foundation for the series. It gets us to the heart of our motivation to read, preach and teach. In his own words, ‘we preach out of Bible Delight in our own hearts and for Bible delight in our hearers’ souls.’ Christopher’s Bible material is Psalm 119 – the great psalm of Bible delight.

The introductory chapter focuses our minds on the essence of Bible delight. The ‘meat’ of the book then works systematically through the text of Psalm 119, taking each of the twenty-two sections in turn. Additional material (‘getting our bearings in Psalm 119’) is included in the chapters dealing with the first two sections. Personal response questions are included at the end of each chapter.

While the primary purpose of the book is to stimulate Bible delight in teachers and hearers of God’s Word, the book would be an ideal guide to tackling a preaching or teaching series on Psalm 119.





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