Bible-Centred Church


By: Temple, John

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ISBN: 9781846254338

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Most evangelical churches claim to be biblical in all they do. Pastors faithfully encourage their congregations to obey Scripture as their expression of their love for Christ. But does this include the way we structure & run our churches? We all too easily slip into starting with the secular law, tradition or culture, regarding the biblical requirements as ‘suggestions’, yet it is the Bible that should be our starting point. We should endeavour to ‘render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s’ & observe those elements of secular law, tradition or culture which are not in conflict with the Bible, but reject anything that is contrary to the Bible.

Using a scale from ‘Precepts’ (the Ten Commandments) to ‘Freedoms’ (issues on which the Bible is silent), this book provides practical advice on how to apply the Bible to church organisation.





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