Bible Boot Camp


By: Mayhue, Richard


ISBN: 9781845501051

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Spiritual battles in the Bible and what they can teach you

Today’s fast–paced society beguiles us to do what you can get away with.  The concept of ‘moral fibre’ is considered laughable, yet admired in films and yearned for in relationships. How do you develop real moral character?  Our TVs say “send them to Boot Camp!”  Richard Mayhue helps us achieve that spiritually by looking at character building examples in the Bible.

There are four parts to the book:

  1. Warning: Some Failed to Win, Solomon, Jonah and Eve are among those examined.
  2. Hope: Some Fell But Recovered While Fighting, Elijah, Habakkuk and Moses are among those examined.
  3. Encouragement: Some Fought to Victory, Joseph, Job and Ruth are among those examined.
  4. Wisdom: Gaining God’s Perspective summarises the lessons from the previous chapters. Richard aims to teach us how to develop moral courage because true Christian education should be based on developing character.

What you are is more important than what you know when facing unforeseen circumstances.





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