Beyond the Edge


By: Rolston, Hazel


ISBN: 9781844742165

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One Woman’s Journey Out of Post-Natal Depression and Anxiety

“Broken, desperate and humiliated, I entered the house. When I saw Steve and Katherine, my heart felt like it was going to explode in agony. They did not deserve this madness in their lives …”

Cut off by a dense fog of post-natal depression and anxiety, Hazel Rolston felt pushed beyond the edge. But when the grim voice of Despair offered her the path of suicide, she knew instinctively that this was not God’s way for her.

Hazel doesn’t offer us a formula for instant escape. But she does remind us that God is there, even if our feelings say the opposite. No matter how bad things feel, God is faithful to his wounded, broken people beyond the edge.





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