Beyond Racial Division


By: Yancey, George


ISBN: 9781514001844

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A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism

Efforts at colour-blindness and anti-racism have not been very effective in addressing racial tensions in the United States.  Colour-blindness ignores the realities of race and the history of injustice.  On the other hand, anti-racism centers racial concerns and in so doing often alienates people who need to be involved in the process.  Sociologist George Yancey offers an alternative approach to racial relations where all parties contribute and are mutually accountable to one another for societal well-being.  He provides empirical rationale for how collaborative conversations in a mutual accountability model can reduce racial division.  History and societal complexity mean that different participants may have different kinds of responsibility, but all are involved in seeking the common good for all to thrive.  Avoiding unilateral decisions that close off dialogue, Yancey casts a vision for moving beyond racial alienation toward a lifestyle and movement of collaborative conversation and mutuality.

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