Beyond Awkward Side Hugs


By: Lea, Bronwyn

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ISBN: 9781400215003

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Living as Christian Brothers and Sisters in a Sex-Crazed World

When it comes to men and women in the church, sometimes it seems we have more questions than answers.  It doesn’t have to be this weird:

  • How do we keep relationships with the opposite sex healthy – and still hug each other after small group?
  • Is it possible for married men and women to be friends with people of the opposite sex?
  • What does it mean to be a woman if you’re not a wife, or a man if you’re not a husband?

Jesus’ pattern for church living was one of family – of brothers and sisters living in intimate, life-giving community with each other.  With story, sensitivity, and hope, Beyond Awkward Side Hugs invites us to leave behind eroticized, fear-based patterns and move toward gendered, generous relationships between men and women of character as we love one another as Jesus did.

Beyond Awkward Side Hugs is a deep well of biblical wisdom, and Lea has written with nuance and clarity, humor and grace.”  ~  Jen Pollock Michel, author of Surprised by Paradox and Keeping Place

“The church desperately needs a bigger vision for how men and women can flourish together in ministry and friendship, and Bronwyn Lea paints a vivid picture for how we’ll get there.”  ~  Steve Wiens, author of Shining Like the SunBeginnings, and Whole