Best News Ever [eBook]


By: Morphew, Chris

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ISBN: 9781784984595

When was the last time you heard some really incredible news that you couldn’t wait to share? The Gospel of Mark is that kind of good news! It’s a life-changing announcement about who Jesus is, and what he’s done.


Best News Ever is a devotional that takes tweens aged 9-12 on a 100-day journey through Mark’s fast-paced, action-packed story—helping them understand the confusing bits, showing them how it connects with their life, and bringing them face to face with Jesus: the one who changes everything.


Each day’s devotional includes:
• A passage to read — work through the whole of Mark’s Gospel in bitesize chunks
• A short explanation — guiding you though the confusing bits and showing you how it connects with your life
• A question to reflect on — so you can slow down and think through what you’ve read
• A prayer to pray — to help you respond to what God has said


Written in a pithy and engaging style, Best News Ever will help young people of all backgrounds read the Bible for themselves, whether they know a little or a lot already. It would also be suitable to use as a family devotional.