The Best Method of Preaching


By: Van Mastricht, Petrus


ISBN: 9781601782304

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In this appendix to his Theoretical and Practical Theology, Petrus van Mastricht presents pastors with the best method of preaching available. Dividing the task of preaching into four basic aspects (planning, arrangement, parts of a sermon, and delivery), he gives analysis to show how each is meant to work, gives rules for working through each one, and discusses how each part is to aim at and interact with the affections of the hearers. Throughout the piece, he uses Colossians 3:1 as an example to show his student how to progress through this method of preaching. Van Mastricht’s work on preaching demonstrates the concern of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Reformed theologians that even the most precise and technical theology is meant to aid preachers in addressing the church with God’s Word. It also provides preachers today with encouragement to treat the biblical text faithfully and in a way that most benefits those listening to their sermons.





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