The Beginning (Workbook)


By: Geiger et al

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ISBN: 9781430035336

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The Beginning Workbook includes an introduction to the weekly session topic, guided prayer options, and a complete story of the Bible with text and narrative explanation that drives the weekly meeting. (5 Sessions)

The Beginning is an intentional Bible study for new disciples of Christ that can be used in one-on-one discipleship or small groups. It introduces the basic practices and elements of the faith, including the centrality of Christ, the crucial practice of prayer and Scripture reading, community, and what it means to be on mission for God. Exercises put weekly topics into practice, and meeting times work as well in one-on-one discipleship relationships as they do with typical small groups. This resource is attached to the broader Disciples Path series, but can also serve as a stand-alone product.

This disciple-making resource includes discussion questions and group exercises every week to reinforce the primary teaching points of each topic. Individual study and out-of-group activities have all been crafted with a new believer’s spiritual maturity and commitment level in mind. These optional activities include but are not limited to reading plans, prayer exercises, personal study, and journaling.


  1. What Just Happened to Me?
    (Basics of salvation and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus.)
  2. The Centrality of Christ
    (Forming a Christian worldview around the person and work of Jesus.)
  3. Time with Jesus
    (The disciplines of prayer and Scripture reading.)
  4. The Church
    (Basic understanding of community in the context of the local and universal church.)
  5. The Mission
    (Introduction to our mission and responsibilities in the world as followers of Christ.)


  • Bible study format, content, and activities created and written by practicing disciple makers
  • Individual exercises to provide opportunities to practice discipleship
  • A personal Bible study plan


  • Facilitate transformation through modeling and practice
  • Use as a “handbook” for one-on-one or two-on-one discipleship situations
  • Examine five crucial elements for new disciples/believers
  • Lead effectively–requires minimal leader preparation and allows the facilitator to model what it means to be a disciple
  • Initiate an intentional discipleship path with individuals or groups
  • Help those with doubts about salvation




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