Before You Share Your Faith


By: Smethurst, Matt


ISBN: 9781913896843

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When it comes to evangelism, we often struggle. Maybe it’s the inertia that comes with feeling out of practice. Or perhaps it’s the age-old presence of fear that keeps us from speaking truth in love. Sometimes, a low-level guilt over countless missed opportunities tempts us to despair of trying at all.In Before You Share Your Faith―a follow-up to Before You Open Your Bible―Matt Smethurst presents five ways you can become “evangelism ready.” While many good books begin further downstream by teaching how to evangelize, this volume will help you be primed for when the moment arrives. Because if you aren’t ready to share your faith . . . you probably won’t.

Casting light on five key foundations―grasp the gospel, check your context, love the lost, face your fear, and start to speak―this resource will deepen your desire and enhance your readiness to share the best news anyone could ever hear.