Becoming a Healthy Team


By: Macchia, Stephen


ISBN: 9780801065729

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Teams are difficult to create. They are tough to motivate and even more challenging to lead. They can inspire greatness but also can be filled with pettiness. They can come together quickly but can splinter apart even faster. “It’s time for someone to write about the truth of team building,” says author Stephen A. Macchia. In Becoming a Healthy Team, Macchia discusses the characteristics that produce intimacy, authenticity, and effectiveness in a team and lead to the team’s vitality. TEAMS spells out Trust, Empowerment, Assimilation, Management, and Service-the five traits of a healthy team. With biblical guidance throughout and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter, Macchia has created a valuable team-building resource perfect for pastors, ministry leaders, and anyone involved in a leadership role.