Be True to Yourself


By: Fuller, Matt



ISBN: 9781784982911

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Why It Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does (And How That Can Make You Happy)

Our culture tells us that the way to be happy is to “be true to yourself”.  It’s posted on social media, promoted in adverts, taught in schools and, even, expressed in churches.  But what does that mean, and does it actually work?

Matt Fuller explores how true happiness, wholeness and freedom can be found in embracing who God has created us to be; allowing ourselves to be shaped by who the Bible says we are, rather than our own fluctuating feelings, or the voices around us.  In the process, this book draws on a broad range of fascinating research and examples to give us a fresh biblical take on some of today’s biggest hot-button issues.

By cutting through the confusion and showing us something better, this is a book to help every Christian live with confidence in today’s culture.