Awaken (PB)


By: Shirer, Priscilla


ISBN: 9781462795086

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Shirer, a gifted and experienced Bible teacher known for her faithfulness to the Scriptures, hopes to get women “alone with God, with His Word, eager to hear his voice, and prepared to humbly and obediently respond.” Shirer’s heart for women’s ministry is evident in Awaken’s 90 devotions, which she describes as “personal whispers from God’s Spirit to my own soul over the last decade.”

“My prayer is that these passages bring an added layer of dimension, or even just some renewed direction, to women as they spend time with the Savior over the next 90 days,” Shirer says. “Whether young or old, I pray that readers be encouraged and realigned toward the simple beauty of sitting with Him, hearing Him, speaking to Him, and being enlightened by His love letter to them.”

Shirer has written multiple bestselling books and Bible studies, including the 2016 ECPA “Christian Book of the Year” Fervent. She regularly speaks to thousands at conference venues and churches around the world and recently starred in the #1 box office feature “War Room.”