Andrew Murray: From Spark to Flame [eBook]


By: Nel, Olea

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ISBN: 9780987642752

The true story of Andrew Murray’s spiritual journey between 1860 and 1882

In 1860, thirty-two-year-old Andrew Murray unexpectedly becomes the key leader in a revival that spreads throughout the Cape and beyond. But barely two years later, he discovers that he has lost the blessings gained during the revival, and has started to strive in his own strength again. Although he consecrates his life anew, the desired experience of the filling with the Holy Spirit fails to eventuate.

He nevertheless hangs on in faith through bitter court battles with liberals as well as notable missionary endeavors and educational projects, ever wondering when God will seal his consecration with the desired experience. But it is only when God finally intervenes by stopping him in his tracks that he is forced to confront the barriers that are blocking the blessing.

This is a true story of Andrew Murray’s spiritual journey between 1860 and 1882. You will learn about:

  • His misconceptions regarding revival
  • His desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to become loving and gentle
  • His leadership skills when doing battle with the liberals
  • His vision for missions and women’s education
  • His dependence on God to open doors
  • His approach to healing by building up his faith
  • His realization that the vessel God has cleansed He will undoubtedly fill