Andrew Murray at Keswick and Exeter Hall


By: Nel, Olea


ISBN: 9780987642714

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Talks that will enable you to HEAR Andrew Murray preach

If you count Andrew Murray as one of your heroes of the faith, or have read some of his published works, then these six talks are sure to find a special place in your heart. They are basically word for word as he delivered them.

˃˃˃ Andrew Murray at Keswick

Three of these talks were delivered on consecutive evenings at the Keswick Convention of 1895 in the Lake District, England. They are unique to Keswick and differ in content from other sermons published under the same titles while on tour in America.

˃˃˃ Andrew Murray at Exeter Hall

After arriving back from his preaching tour of America in the autumn of 1895, the organizers of his tour requested that he speak on prayer at a small gathering of full-time workers and interested Christians at Exeter Hall. The talks he gave on that occasion were originally published under the title Eagle Wings in 1895. They are among the best of his talks.

˃˃˃ Two Testimonies

Both testimonies were given at Keswick, and are the only testimonies that we know of. One was given in 1882, just after the miraculous healing of his throat, while the other was given at the Keswick Convention of 1895.