Andrew Murray at Exeter Hall eBook


By: Nel, Olea



ISBN: 9780992567170

Three Talks on Prayer Given in 1895

Talks that will help deepen your walk with the Lord

After arriving back from his tour of America in the autumn of 1895, Andrew Murray had become such a sought after preacher that he was invited to speak to vast crowds at Exeter Hall.

But just before he was due to leave for South Africa, the organisers of his tour requested that he speak on prayer at a much smaller gathering of full-time workers and interested Christians.

These, then, are the three talks he gave on that occasion.

The first deals with JESUS’ DESIRE FOR US TO BE ONE. And the only way this can happen, says Murray, is for the love of God to be shed abroad in our hearts. We will then have the power to effectively pray for the Saints and the coming of God’s Kingdom.

The second talk focuses on THE SECRET OF EFFECTUAL PRAYER. It stresses the need to submit to the Spirit’s teaching, and to give ourselves to Him—as the Spirit of Intercession—to pray in us.

The third talk, WITH WINGS AS EAGLES teaches us how to wait upon God. It is as we wait that He will reveal himself to us and keep our spirits continually renewed. Murray also points to God’s promises in Isaiah 64:4 that tells us that as we wait, we can expect to receive something utterly beyond our comprehension.

These insightful talks are just as applicable to us today as to those Christians at Exeter Hall in 1895.






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