Amaze them with God [eBook]


By: DeYoung, Kevin



ISBN: 9781910587584

We have a message, a Saviour, a King that is worth shouting about. He is all we have, and He is all the next generation need. This little book sets out how it is that we can introduce young Christians, new Christians, and underdiscipled Christians to the Author and Perfecter of our faith and what it looks like to live out this faith in real life.‘I hope and pray that many Christians will buy multiple copies of this book so as to distribute it with generous abandon.’ ~ D. A. CarsonThis book is the first chapter of Don’t call It a Comeback which was published by The Gospel Coalition, and is now out of print.  Amaze them with God – Kevin DeYoung – In my opinion anything by Mr DeYoung is worth reading so when I saw this lying around my Dad’s study naturally I picked it up and read it! It’s a VERY short, VERY easy-to-read book and if you work with young people you MUST read it. At the time I read this the teens work at my church was falling apart and we were in the process of rebooting it. I told my Dad (who hadn’t yet read this) to buy some for all of the people involved with the teens and after much of my pestering he read it too and bought 100 for our church members (so nagging does work!). Winning the next generation for Christ is so important and close to my heart. Young people are being ignored in the church. Parents forget that in 30 years time it will be their children who will be needed to lead the church. How we prepare our young people now will greatly effect the future church! It’s suitable for all ages but I would particularly recommend it to anyone who works with children and young people! – 9/10 – A photo posted by on May 20, 2016 at 3:23pm PDT