Alien Intrusion


By: Bates, Gary


ISBN: 9780890514351

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Most people at one time or another have probably been curious to know, “What could account for all of those strange objects in the sky that many credible witnesses see?”  Or, what about the modern mystery of alien abductions and stories of visitations by beings claiming to be from other planets or star systems?  Are aliens really making contact with human beings?  Is it important anyway?

At last, an easy-to-understand book traces the history of this strange phenomenon utilizing the research of many of the “heavyweights” of UFOlogy – and it’s been making sense to a lot of people.  This is a book for everyone.  The author’s research and conclusions will surprise you and challenge your thinking, not just about UFOs, but about the nature of life itself.  This is a landmark volume that brings together the most important evidences, coming to conclusions far more sinister – yet profound – than most could imagine.





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