Alex on the Edge


By: le Roux, Kate


ISBN: 9781799010838

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17-year-old Alex is not impressed. He never has trouble getting girls to go out with him but this one is serious about the stupid friend zone thing, and it’s not looking as if he is going to get her to change her mind. And if he wants to get to know Jill, he is going to have to hang out in her world, one he is pretty sure he doesn’t ever want to be a part of. But when his world comes crashing down around him in a way he could never have dreamed, Jill is there for him in a way no one else can be.

“Alex on the Edge” is a clean, contemporary Christian romantic story for teens, young adults and anyone else. It contains no strong language, violence or sexual content and is suitable for readers from thirteen up.

“Under the porch roof, he stamped the water off his shoes and the door opened. And there she was, the warm glow of the light behind her. Her hair was longer, lighter, her face older. Her expression welcome, concern, warmth. Genuine honest warmth, and he knew that however crazy coming here might look to anyone else, it wasn’t crazy at all. If his family and his friends thought he was out of his mind, they would be wrong. This was exactly where he needed to be.”

“With a combination of light heartedness and weightiness, this book depicts the joys and complexities of living in relationship—with each other and with God. Alex on the Edge not only provides an engaging, enjoyable story set in South Africa and Lesotho—it will also leave you contemplating what is really important in life.” Kate Motaung, author of A Place to Land