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By: Bonar & Ryle


ISBN: 9781527104693

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The Everlasting Righteousness & Regeneration

This book contains two parts:

The first is an updated and abridged version of Horatius Bonar’s book The Everlasting Righteousness, first published in 1874.  Its central theme is the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ.  Bonar shows that, in Jesus Christ, God has provided the only way to deal with the problem of our sin.  Because Jesus is the perfect substitute, anyone who believes in him receives a legal pardon from God, and the perfect righteousness of Jesus becomes theirs.  This truth has enormous consequences for believers, and Bonar explains some of them in this wonderful book.

The second part is an updated version of Regeneration by J. C. Ryle, about the new birth. Ryle addresses what it means to be born again, and what it looks like in the life of a Christian.