An Absolute Sort of Certainty


By: Nichols, Stephen


ISBN: 0875527914

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The Holy Spirit and the Apologetics of Jonathan Edwards

Reveals the contours of Edwards’s apologetics by exploring his view of the Spirit’s work in inspiration, regeneration, illumination, and especially assurance.

“A solid and worthy contribution to Jonathan Edwards studies during the three hundredth anniversary of the great pastor theologian’s birth. Wide ranging in its scholarship, yet skillfully focused in its exploration of the eternal role of the Holy Spirit in Edward’s epistemology and apologetics.”  ~  Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe

“Nichols has done us the great service of understanding Edwards, first from his own writings, and second, as an heir to Calvin. He shows the true face of Edwards, whose greatest concern was for God’s glory, even in the right use of reason and confidence in revelation.”  ~  William Edgar

“In this volume, Jonathan Edwards speaks his own mind, a mind committed to the wonders of Reformed thought and its application to the church’s defense of the Christian faith. One finishes this book seeing Edwards, following Calvin, as a theologian of the Holy Spirit.”  ~  K. Scott Oliphint





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