A Rhyming Baptist Catechism


By: Scarlett, Tyler


ISBN: 9798523577888

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“Catechisms are a tool. They are a useful tool for placing big Bible truths into little minds.”

Based on Benjamin Keach’s seventeenth century work, A Rhyming Baptist Catechism, uses updated wording and memorable rhymes to teach the ancient doctrines of the faith. Children will have fun memorizing such rich truths as:

Question 2
Why did God make us?
To glorify God, that is chief,
And to enjoy Him through belief.

Question 104
What is the Lord’s Supper?
We remember this afresh,
Jesus’ blood and broken flesh,
As the bread and cup we take,
This is done for Jesus’ sake.

A Rhyming Baptist Catechism is perfect for use in children’s ministry, family worship, or homeschooling**.