A Prophet’s Heart


By: LeClaire, Jennifer


ISBN: 9780981979519

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Have you ever wondered how false prophets become false prophets? Why are so many well-known preachers falling into sin? Can we blame it all on Jezebel? In A Prophet’s Heart, Jennifer equips you to:

  • Recognize false prophets
  • Withstand the pressure that comes with true prophetic ministry
  • Understand how the Holy Spirit warns us
  • Steer clear of deception that shuts out the truth
  • And much more!

The enemy seeks to pervert prophetic voices at every turn – but he can only use what’s in us. Whether it’s the spirit of Jezebel, pride, greed or some other issue, prophets and prophetic people need to be aware of the doorways to deception. I don’t believe false prophets start off as false prophets. I believe they start off on the right track. Unfortunately, some genuine, God-called prophets end up on the road of deception. Don’t let that be you! And don’t get taken advantage of by false prophets!