A Forgotten Revival (History Today) [eBook]


By: Griffin, Stanley C

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ISBN: 9781846254703

Griffin, Stanley C

Anyone concerned to see revival again can draw encouragement in this truly riveting tale of how East Anglia became gripped by a revival which has almost been forgotten. Painstaking research by the author has ensured that these amazing events of 1921 have been recorded and can be used as inspiration by God’s people.
Stanley Griffin was born in Lowestoft nine years after the revival, during which his father was brought to faith in Christ. He was brought up in the Baptist Church where revival broke out. He eventually became a member and a lay-preacher.
This is one of those books that as soon as you pick it up it is virtually impossible to put down! It is a record that affords both encouragement and challenge. It can never be anything but encouraging to read or hear of what God has done in the past. We do not live in the past but we most certainly learn from it. When Douglas Brown came to take a series of meetings in Lowestoft, there was a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit. Many were converted including herring fishermen from Scotland who then took this gospel back with them with great effect, largely through the ministry of one Jock Troup. What a strategist our God is! Some of the stories of conversion are most moving and this represents the challenge of the book. in a day of glitzy, high-tech evangelism, here were simple services where it was never long before the preacher was on his feet. This reviewer recently saw an evangelistic meeting advertised as ‘preaching the gospel through music, drama and fire-eating!’ None of this in 1921. Our faith in the dynamite of the gospel must be restored to the levels of these East Anglian and Scottish believers. They preached believing in the power of God and His gospel. This book is highly commended not simply for its fascinating story but also because it should make us cry to God to do it again. Revival Fellowship 1992 Jonathan Wood






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