A Family Guide to the Bible [eBook]


By: Ditchfield, Christin

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ISBN: 9781433520198

All Christian parents want their children to gain a better understanding of God’s Word, but many of them are still searching to completely understand the Bible themselves. How can they confidently share what they believe with their families?

A Family Guide to the Bible takes readers on a fun and exciting tour through all sixty-six books of the Bible and offers parents, grandparents, and teachers a better understanding of the Scriptures so they can help the children in their lives know what is in the Bible, where to find it, and how it all fits together. As Christians become more familiar with God’s Word, they will gain greater confidence as they share what they believe with their family and friends, help answer questions concerning the Bible, and encourage others to grow deeper in their walks of faith.

CHRISTIN DITCHFIELD hosts the internationally syndicated radio program Take It to Heart! She is also a popular conference speaker and the author of more than fifty books, including three others in this series: A Family Guide to Narnia, A Family Guide to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” and A Family Guide to “Prince Caspian.”

“Christin Ditchfield has done it again! She has produced yet another resource that is filled with solid content and fresh insights, plus practical application for daily living. For those who are serious about going deeper in their understanding of the Bible and who want to anchor their families on the rock of God’s truth, I enthusiastically recommend A Family Guide to the Bible.”
Alex McFarland, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary and Veritas Graduate School

“This is an incredible resource to help families get more familiar with the life-transforming message of the Bible. A Family Guide to the Bible will be a wonderful help to having people get to know the Bible and fall in love with the beauty of the Word of God.”
Jim Burns, President, HomeWord, author of Confident Parenting

“A Family Guide to the Bible is a helpful tool for parents who are serious about giving their children a comprehensive survey of scripture and a love for their God. Whether it is used for family reading or for individual study, this resource will help parents and children alike in their study of God’s Word.”
Steve Murphy, Publisher, Homeschooling Today magazine






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